Summer Camp

We have the most amazing summer camp program!

Designed for children from 18 month to 12 year old. We alternate the indoor and outdoor events, varying them in length according to the type of activity and the age interest of each group.

Our regular program will be supplemented with summer activities during the months of June, July, and August (August is for vpk and kinders, from 7th to 21th). Children will be exposed to a variety of different activities and components.
Our experienced teachers will journey with the children this summer to bring them fun and enriching experiences. Our campers will have the opportunity to imagine, play and create with lots of sensorial experiences, music, movement, water play and much more!
The program helping children to discover science, explore nature, and engage in the creative arts, while learning about the vast opportunities in the world around them.
Our focus is to provide a variety of fun challenges for your child, providing them with new activities and opportunities to learn new skills all while they are having a wonderful time
The kidzone summer camp is designed with the young children in mind, to continue meeting each child’s individual needs, and focused on developing in our little ones a passion for discoveries and learning, all within a fun and exciting environment.

This program is the best for enjoy creative adventures with your child to spark their natural curiosity and to develop their own journey of exploration and discovery.

The child’s imagination, creativity, senses and potential with fun, hands-on arts and crafts creative Little Explorer classes.

In this program the children’s encourage experimenting, observing, exploring, tinkering, building, problem solving, and creating! Create curiosity. Create passion, Create an opportunity for kids to push the limits of what they can do. Our science activities plus STEAM challenges will help kids fall in love with the world of STEAM.

This program is a great introductory drama experience that allows children to develop speaking skills and creative expression. New drama activities and scenes each class allow children to gain confidence while having loads of fun!

Swimming programs are adequate under the supervision of qualified personnel, are for all ages and are designed to suit the needs of each swimmer.

The place of the classes is in Acqua World.

At Acqua world they teach effective survival techniques and promote swimming as a sport, in a clean, friendly, fun and safe environment.

This program have a positive impact on your child that goes far beyond the soccer field.

The classes are in Revo soccer. Revo Soccer is the best and biggest 6 vs 6 indoor fields in Miami.